Names and Apples

Recently I was thinking about a book I once read on my grandparents screened in back porch when I was about nine. I had checked it out from Bedford Elementary School library. It was “Mr. Apple’s Family” about a man who names all his children after apples and by the time the last one is born his wife is sick of it and wants to give her daughter a normal name. They name her Ann. Of course, that’s not all the book is about though I can’t remember the rest.

I have always loved names. I love baby name books that have all those origins and meanings. I find names I love from reading novels. I am yet another woman who will probably name her daughter Claire because of Diana Gabaldon (or possibly Clare because of Audrey Niffenegger). I love family names. I love that my mother isn’t sure how her middle name is spelled, just what it is and that it came from her great-grandmother.

By the way, I looked around online to buy “Mr. Apple’s Family” and it is going for $124.95 at Alibris. Guess I’ll just have to stick with my memories.

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