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Myrtle Mallard, born September 3, 1904, died December 25, 1972

Mallard’s Bar in Dearborn, Michigan was a bar frequented by my grandparents and great-grandparents.  Mom remembers going with her parents and playing games and eating hamburgers.  Grandpa Thompson used to get drunk and walk home (about a mile away on Bennet Street).  Myrtle V. Mallard was the wife of the owner, William L. Mallard.  According to the 1948 Polk’s Dearborn City Directory, Mallard’s was listed as a Beer Garden at 2247 S. Telegraph Rd.  William Mallard also owned a gas station at 2245 S. Telegraph Rd.  William and his wife Myrtle lived at 40140 Michigan Ave. in Wayne, Michigan.


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Funeral Card for Archie McGowan, 1912-1971

This Friday is a Family Friends/Funeral Card combo!  Archie McGowan and his wife Doris McCanna McGowan were very good friends of my grandparents and their children were good friends with my mom and her siblings.  Mom still exchanges Christmas cards with one of the McGowan girls!  I remember being at my grandparents house and bringing Doris (who died in 1986) bottles of 7up.  It seemed to be her favorite.  The McGowans owned a farm that my mother remembers visiting.  I know she has some pictures of herself at the farm.  I’ll have to find some and ask her more questions about these great family friends.


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This is the funeral card for my great-aunt Opal Hair.  She was my paternal grandmother’s sister, the third daughter of Earl and Florence Belknap.  Aunt Opal was born December 17, 1916 in Napoleon, Ohio and died October 9, 2003.  She and her husband Jesse are buried in Michigan Memorial Cemetery.


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