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Wedding Wednesday – Mr. and Mrs. Erik Eklund

From the Ironwood (Mich.) Daily Globe, Wednesday Evening, Nov. 24, 1926:

Wedding Anniversary
“Mr. and Mrs. Erick Eklund were pleasantly surprised at their home in the Norrie location last evening, by a group of friends.  The occasion was their twenty fifth wedding anniversary.  At 10:30 o’clock refreshments were served to about 30 guests.  Mr. and Mrs. Eklund were the recipients of several beautiful gifts.”

Erik and Johanna Eklund
Erik and Johanna Eklund
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Wedding Wednesday – July 16, 1960


Here is my parents’ wedding picture from July 16, 1960.  Dad’s grandpa, Earl Belknap, had died July 13, 1960 but the family said they should go on with the wedding.  My aunt (standing next to mom) had secretly married an African-American man on July 4, 1960.  She still lived at home and didn’t tell anyone until after my parents’ wedding.

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