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I have a whole new family to research!  I got married in October 2012 and now my last name is Eklund!  Here is a photograph of Erik Eklund and his wife Johanna.  They were Swedish-Finns who came from western Finland.  They married in November 1901 and  lived in Ironwood, Michigan where Erik was a miner.  He died in 1929.  They are my husband’s Great-Great Grandparents.

Erik and Johanna Eklund


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Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Stowell
announce the marriage of their daughter
Nela Mae
Mr. Glenn Bolt Moore
Monday, the twenty-second day of January
one thousand nine hundred and twelve
Detroit, Michigan

Above:  Nela and Glenn Moore.  Glenn worked for the railroad for many years.  Apparently, he was also very short.  🙂 

Above:  Pine Grove Cemetery, New Buffalo, Michigan.  The F. before Glenn’s name stands for Fred, which was his father’s first name, which I’ve heard is what the guys in the railroad yard used to call Glenn.

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The marriage of Mr. Earl E. Belknap and Miss Florence E. Bost, occurred at the home of Mr. John Gisel on Cedar Avenue Monday evening, at 4:00 o’clock, Rev. J. H. Williams, officiating.

This short announcement in a Wauseon, Ohio (?) newspaper proclaimed the wedding of my great-grandparents Earl and Florence Belknap.  It took place at Earl’s maternal grandfather’s home in Wauseon on June 2, 1913.

Here is a close-up of Earl and Florence from a family photo in about 1923:

Here is a photo of them in later years:


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